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September 2023

The Edible Landscape Project brought together over thirty horticulturalists, landscapers, and gardeners to discuss the issue of Food Security and Community Resilience Building in Westport. At the seminar attendees learned about the disconnect between our current system of fruit and vegetable supply and the necessity of building knowledge capacity through our educational system to bridge the gap as quickly as possible. The seminar was addressed by members of the Chartered Institute of Horticulturalists, with speakers from Ireland and the UK academic institutions. The speakers echoed the concerns of the ELP and identified signficant scope for scaling up regionally and nationally to meet the current and future challenge. Attendees learned the climate change not only impacts what is grown in Ireland, but has had adverse impacts on what is grown in, and imported from, other countries. The resounding conclusion reached is that more can be done, and urgently.


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